8 Simple and Effective Ways To Make Blogging Easier


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Let’s keep to the truth and call a spade what it is and it’s not a big spoon. To blog consistently and to publish engaging top quality posts is hard work, don’t let anyone fool you.

It consumes time and energy to keep churning out those posts, but there are simple, effective ways to manage the process and to create that much-needed space so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Make a posting schedule and stick to it

You will often have spontaneous posts but to create achievable blogging goals, a publishing calendar gives you control of your processes. Without a schedule, you will find it difficult to keep track of what you are supposed to be doing and when. Scheduling makes a lot of difference.

Plan your time

Pick the time when you are most productive and use it to your advantage. I find that working early in the morning when others are still asleep works better for me.

It’s amazing how much work I get done in the space of an hour or two. Responding to emails and comments csould be scheduled to give you some breathing space. Trying to respond to emails and comments as soon as they come in is one sure way to make you feel harassed and run off your feet.

Create a long list of your post ideas

As the ideas come to you, note them down. You could start writing the posts and flesh them out gradually if they are lengthy posts.

At present, I have close to a hundred unfinished posts in my draft and this approach helps me tremendously on days that my inspiration tank is running low or on days that I’m short on time.

Create Your Work In Batches

Creating posts that fall under similar category saves lots of time. For instance, instead of switching from one post to a different post that addresses unrelated topics, I choose a slot in my schedule to focus on creating several posts that share the same framework. This way, I’m in the zone – thinking of the same subject. Knowing where I’m headed makes the work faster.

Mix your content

Since you can’t afford to create bumper in-depth posts each time, mix your publications with short posts, videos, photographs, infographics, podcasts etc.

Repurpose old content

Find those gems in your old content and slap on some good polish. Curate, snip, snap and put it into a new shape to be republished.

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Automate your actionable’s

You can automate your posts to publish at a certain period. WordPress provides calendar settings where you can schedule your publishing time.

You can also explore prewriting emails for repeated response – though I’ve never tried this before it’s something I am looking at to help with the deluge of daily emails.

Batch your work. You can create weekly content on similar tasks on the same day and have them ready to publish

Outsource your work

There are virtual assistants as well as freelance agents who offer quality content at reasonable rates when it’s necessary to use them.

Blogging on regular basis need not be stressful. The rules are more fluid than we make them out to be, so it’s time to quit stressing over the attempt to measure up to impossible standards. I hope these tips are useful. What are your coping mechanisms?

I am Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha. A freelance writer, author and serial blogger. I am a passionate life enthusiast, a peoples' person who loves to read, write and tell stories. I love the art of photography and how a single image tells many stories. My driving objective is not only to achieve my creative goals and full potentials but to hopefully serve and inspire others who are equally on the same quest as I. Connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from you.


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    I am still amazed to see the posts so many that you do here and over there too! Keep up the good work

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    I’ve never outsourced my work or created actionables, but I am pretty consistent with when I write and post. I’m at my best in the morning. Funny, I am sleepy eyed at like 7 am, but I always look at the WordPress daily prompt then. By about 9 am I usually have an idea I run with. I usually post at about 10 or 10:30 am. On Wednesdays I LOVE and look forward to the photo challenges. Love them! And they tend to be among my more popular posts.

    I, too, have a number of unfinished posts. A few I’d like my hubby’s help with since he is a bit more of an expert on a couple of the topics than me. The rest I start and realize should best be kept private. Others I feel might be misunderstood by other bloggers. I might eventually finish them, but more for myself.

    • Reply

      I love the photo challenges as well and because my days can get intense sometimes especially when the children resume school and I have many nuts to balance setting my actionables assists me to publish my post when I can’t log on and do it myself.

      I understand about wanting to keep some posts to yourself – there’s a way of using private on some posts and only share with those you want to share with – you give them a password. I’ve never used it yet but have seen a couple of bloggers do so.

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    This was an excellent post. I generally post on my blog once a week–every Tuesday–and yesterday I skipped. I need to start doing what you suggest–having a number of posts in the process of being written at any given time, plus having a schedule of posts. At this point I begin thinking on Sunday what I’d like to write for Tuesday and though I almost always come up with something new, there have been times I haven’t had any idea what to write about. I’m flagging this post for future reference!

    • Reply

      Believe me, it reduces a lot of pressure and makes things smoother for me having batches of draft that I could pick up and run with. All the best with it and thank you for taking the time to read.

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    Oh Jacqueline, I re-read this 3 times, and finally on my laptop to comment properly. You are the best and your advice is the best. It makes sense and I have learnt all of this in my year and bit of blogging. But alias work has got too much for me and I am reducing my blogging schedule cause I just can’t handle it . But I say to myself it is better than quitting.

    You are right about mixing it up, and that is what allowed me to blog 4 times a week , but I can’t even find time for that now.

    Thank you always for being such a great blogging ambassador

    TC Bella

    ps reblogging this …

    • Reply

      One thing with self-hosted sites is the reblogging button goes awol. You can share through other channels. I actually prefer to feature people or refresh a post than to reblog because most times people don’t follow a reblogged post back to the original link – my observation.

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    It’s so true that we learn everyday. I’ve just picked an idea to work with to ease my blogging problems. Now, I know that I can write down a list of my ideas and it doesn’t matter how LONG it is. Hmmn, that’s one vital tip I’m taking out of this post. These are useful infos. Thanks for the share. 🙂

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      I am glad you got something from the post. Indeed we learn every day. There’s no day I don’t learn something different.

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    Some very good tips Jacqui. I particularly like the one about writing similar content in batches, it makes such good sense! 🙂

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    Good tips Jacqui. As my blog grows I find that I need to schedule myself. I also the need to strike a balance between blogging and getting out in the World. People have different constraints and part of the blogging experience is discovering how those constraints affect the quality of your work and your blog.

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