Hello. I’m Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha and I’m a serial blogger.

You are welcome to The Art of Beautiful Expressions. A meeting point for those who want to unleash their creativity by, creating a blog with great content, writing a book, podcasting, public speakingphotographypublishing, growing their audience and going professional to make money from their creative passion.

After an intensive year and half of blogging on my personal blog,  “a cooking pot and twisted tales,” where I share my creative writings, photographs, recipes, thoughts and lifestyle solutions with a constantly growing audience, my confidence grew and I started seeking ways of turning my blogging, photography, writing and speaking interests into a more income fulfilling venture, hence the decision to build niche-focused blogs like this one, where I write to help other bloggers on the same journey like me to meet their dreams of making money from their blogs.

The Art of Beautiful Expressions is a simple blog where no matter what class your blog falls in; whether you are a business or lifestyle blogger, a writer, a budding photographer, a reader with an interest to start a blog, there are tips that will help you right here.

I’ll share the tips, steps and my learning with you as we walk this path together. The main purpose of this platform ‘The Art of Beautiful Expressions,’ is simply to educate and to share information with others who seek for ways to enhance their creativity and to make their passion a profitable portfolio.

I believe that you will find this blog useful and by following my blog, it’s the best way for you to stay in touch and receive the latest information and tips.