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Appreciate Your Existing Readers

In the haste to grow their subscription base, many bloggers become obsessively compulsive in their focus to finding new readers that they neglect to appreciate and properly engage with the existing ones’.

Growing one’s blog is of paramount importance, however, the failure to show appropriate value to your present audience will eventually lead to losing their attention.

As a matter of fact, your existing readers play a huge role in helping to grow your blog and bring more traffic your way.

Find time to consistently connect with them.

In as much as there’s no ‘cast in stone’ right or wrong way to the art of blogging, it is still a form of science whose success lies in certain methodical approaches.

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    That is what i miss the most, interaction, but someday again I will be able to, I like learning still just having to work instead for awhile. Reading is learning though! I see people publish with errors and it Gives me Hope lol!! Best wishes!

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      Ha,ha! We all make those mistakes now and again in our writing, though I use Grammarly to help sort them out. It’s good to see you on my new blog. I hope with time you’ll get back on it like you used to 🙂

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