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Holding on to your voice

One great aspect of blogging that a good number of bloggers overlook is holding on to their voice in the huge world of blogging.

The tendency is that in the bid to gain readership, they don’t take the time to understand that their voice is what drives their blog and in running helter-skelter one’s voice gets drowned out.

Your readers don’t care to follow your site as much as they care about the person/voice behind the site.

Domains from $0.88What’s your message? How distinct is your voice in the cacophony of voices? Take the time to find your voice and stay true to it.

What matters is not about choosing topics that you think will be sensational, but about finding the right voice behind your topics.

What your audience really connect with most times, isn’t so much about what you say, but how you say it and how it resonates with them. Read how to find your unique voice here.

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    To speak in print like you would out loud,
    To be yourself, not just part of the crowd,
    Will strike a note so clear and true,
    That everyone will know it is you.

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    it’s a difficult balance, especially if a blogger has many passions and voices. I am beginning to consider the idea of adding a blog for a specific interest. Not many as it’s already difficult to keep up. But perhaps one for my photography.

    • Reply

      I agree with you Rob about balancing the voices. It’s one of the reasons that I created this blog ‘cos I was having challenges balancing these thoughts. I needed space for writing stuff like this and I’m still going to break my voices down some more. I might end up with 3 or more blogs by the time I’m done. Still thinking it through. Thank you for visiting 🙂

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    Kind of hard to yell at the top of my voice from the computer, even if that is what my mind instructs me to do because of the stupidity of other people we are sharing this pl;anet with! Have cut it down to just 2 sites that I post to regularly. My site and niumne (sp?) Have it bookmarked on the laptop.

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