To Catch A Cat – Photo Theme Challenge


To Catch a Cat

I don’t own a feline so it was a bit of challenge to find a cooperative cat. Taking photos of a flower is easy while catching a snobbish cat is another kettle of fish. 

I found myself running after the city strays cats for days on end and in the process, I’ve learned that not only are cats snobbish they also have cattitude.

I managed to find this fat black one in a corner. It stared back at me and sat still for a wee moment before sauntering off to go and do something important, I guess.

Catch Cat, Flower Power, Photo Theme, Pets, Random Photography

After the black cat, I ran into an indolent one that had taken ownership of the park seat, basking in the warm early morning sun. I didn’t want it to run away so I was wary of getting too close.


Catch Cat, Flower Power, Photo Theme, Pets, Random Photography

Flower Power

Flowers, however, make beautiful models. They just sit still and look pretty without an attitude.


Catch Cat, Flower Power, Photo Theme, Pets, Random Photography


To join the photography theme challenge for practice, check this link and you can find other photo tips here.

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    haha I can just imagine you running after cat photos! 🙂 You did get some good ones after all. 🙂 Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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