Great Self-Hosting Offers and Opportunity

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WP Engine and WordPress have May birthdays, and to celebrate they’ve created special offers for you to self-host.

In their seven-year history, they’ve never run a promotion like this for Premium and Enterprise plans.WP Engine Fastest Managed WordPress Platform

It’s an opportunity to test the waters of self-hosting your site. Quit the procrastination. Here are several reasons why I chose WPEngine and why I still fly with WPEngine.


Offer 1:

  Get 3 total months free off any annual shared plan.

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Get your first month free on a Premium or Enterprise level plan at WP Engine!

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As always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Now is The Time To Make That Move

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WP Engine Hosting

Are considering hosting a new site or upgrading from a free site to a self-hosted platform?

This is the time to make that move!

There’s an exciting offer that gives you the opportunity to launch a new site or to migrate your old site to a solid platform.

How would you like to have 5 months free + 2 extra months on your hosting? I love freebies 😉

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In this post, I enumerated several reasons why I recommend using WP Engine to host your site.

Yes, I use them as well. I’m a satisfied customer and I’m highlighting them based on my opinion and experience.

Let’s highlight some points:

  • WP Engine is smoking FAST. My website is both stable & loads quickly.

If an issue does arise with a site, WP Engine is open and honest about the issue and doesn’t try to hide it.

  • AWESOME support.

Their support team is extremely helpful.

I have had several instances where I’ve asked them a question and a member of their support team got back to me within minutes.

He practically held my hands in an online chat and walked me through the process that I was trying out.

  • Proactive and top-notch security.
  • It comes with great tools and built-in plugins for WordPress.
  • WP Engine is VIP hosting!

Hassle free, robust servers, hacker proof, automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, one-click staging area, and so much more.

Using WP Engine is like having an army of WordPress experts working to make your site efficient.

  • Their affiliate program is absolutely interesting and rewarding.

Your earning is far more than what is obtainable out there. That alone is enough to make me want to lead others there.

Getting a small referral fee makes it even better.

I was so tickled with delight when I made my first sale and earned $200 outright which actually meant that I earned back what I spent to host my site for a year.

Earn up to $7500 for one sale!

I could go on with the list, instead, let me add a few links to other testimonials here , here and here.

I will say it again, WP Engine is the hosting solution for you.

Check this link and get 5 months free using coupon code cyberwknd.

This offer is a 5-months free on any annual subscription! The coupon applies in addition to the standard 2 months free discount when customers select an annual plan.

The coupon applies in addition to the standard 2 months free discount when customers select an annual plan.

Take that step today. Give yourself an early Christmas present that will pay you 😉

WP Engine Fastest Managed WordPress Platform

Blog Bytes – Gravatar

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Make your Gravatar a calling card

No, not everyone knows this because we do have a lot of beginner bloggers popping up every day in our midst and they do value such information as they try to find their footing in the blogosphere and if you look to the right at the Gravatar images below, there are a some that have the WordPress default image on them.

Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar. It’s that little box where you add your photo or the icon that your website is recognized with and it follows you from one site to the other when you comment on people’s blogs.Gravatar, Websites, Connection, Logo, Networking, Get Noticed,

Your Gravatar gives you an identity across the humongous world-wide-web and it makes your comment stand out as against an empty one with the default WordPress Gravatar. Your Gravatar also serves as your calling card especially when you link it up properly to your website. I can’t recall how many times I tried to follow a comment back to their site only to hit a dead-end because their link is not connected.

It’s free and it’s simple to add to your site because most WordPress themes come with Gravatar integration. When you use your Gravatar, others would be able to find you interacting on various sites and believe me, there’s nothing as interesting as a reader who gets to network with others. Chances are that you would also gain interested visitors who would also wish to connect with you.

People like to recognize those whom they interact with and the short and simple of it is that your Gravatar gets you noticed.

How to add your Gravatar profile

Gravatar, Websites, Connection, Logo, Networking, Get Noticed,

You can easily add or update your profile, by simply going to your profiles settings page, or if you are finding it difficult to find, click on the Gravatar box in the upper right corner of your blog. When it opens up, scroll down to the column ‘About me,’ and right a short synopsis of you or your blog. Remember that all information that you generate is accessible by the public, so make sure that you only add information that you are comfortable sharing with all and sundry, even if your blog settings is private settings.

You can add or update your Profile Photo by moving your mouse over the space for profile photos at the left corner of your profile page, the click on Update Profile Photo. Voila! Just add something that pleases you.

Your Profile Links allow you to manage the sites that appear on your profile and to manage your existing links or to add a new one simply scroll down to Profile Settings at the bottom of the page and choose the option that you would like to use to add a site.

If you choose ‘Add a WordPress site,’ check the sites that pop up under your name that you want to include then click Add Sites and if you choose ‘Add Other Site,’ then enter the new site’s URL and description then click Add Site.

To remove a Profile Link is equally simple by clicking the X button at the right of the site that you would like to remove.

For sites, depending on the theme that you are using, your Gravatar profile comes built-in or you may need to add a Gravatar Plugin at your back-end. I would easily recommend Jet Pack.

Brilliant! Now that you’ve set up your profile, leave a comment or a simple smile on a post and you’ll see that your Gravatar appears next to your Blog’s name or Your Public Display name.

If anyone hovers over your Gravatar a hover card with your profile information will pop up and they can visit your blog easily as long as you Added the relevant URLs ‘ of your site.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you see your engaging and shiny face in here. If you find this post useful, please feel free to comment and share. Thank you  🙂

You may also check this link for more useful blog tips.


It’s Time to Leave That Free Site – This is Why

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Free Is Not Free After All

The year is winding down fast and it’s been some good months since you took up that tempting free offer to start your blog/website. Naturally, you are totally loving the idea of having a space that finally allows you to say your piece. A medium to have your voice heard and you are busy plugging away for hours on end.

Congratulations. That’s certainly a step in the right direction, but I must burst a little part of your bubble with some hard truth about ‘free sites,’ that’s the wrong direction.

There’s a CATCH to this free bait and if possible, you must AVOID it at all costs.

Many beginner bloggers/writers start their site with the thought of keeping their costs down to spending nothing at all, therefore they plunge into the choppy waters of the internet with glee and a feeling of smartness until reality slaps them in the face real hard.

Short of telling you that it’s a dumb idea to accept free hosting – no offense meant, the internet is popping full of companies that offer free hosting that you have to exercise caution before accepting such invitation to treat and if you know someone who plans to do same, just hold their hands and ask them to press pause on that right there.

Here’s why I say so

  • Shutting down your site

How would you like to wake up five months after you’ve worked hard on that blog, posting your book chapter by chapter, writing your witty articles, connecting with people from all walks of life and all the stuff that people do on blogs only to find out that you can no longer access your site? It’s been deleted due to spamming!

Such miserable moment is better left imagined. I know a blogger whose site went forever 404 on her and all attempt made to contact the service provider to restore it received no attention. There was no help desk or anyone to connect to, to navigate through this challenge.

Things are rough out there and it’s natural for anyone to want to build their website at a low-cost, but please avoid free – no exceptions here. Except self-inflicted heartache is your kind of thing, don’t take such shortcuts especially these days when Web-hosting is cheap that it’s worth that little investment to gain ownership of your site. When you put this cost in perspective, it does not amount to the cost of a box of Dunkin Donuts or a McDonald’s’ burger or whatever it is you indulge in eating.

  • Networking Issues

In order to grow your audience, it requires a lot of social media networking, traffic, and social engagement and search engines attach more trust and credibility to paid domains. You won’t even be able to add your blog to certain services because you need to prove ownership of your site which you don’t have.

I know how many times that I’ve had to prove ownership of my site with an advertiser before I could get on their programs and when your site is a free site the perception is different.

  • Unprofessional looking address

Owning a website that its name reads something like ‘’ looks dreadful and unprofessional. There’s a lot to say in a name and Perfect domains are hereyour visitors will definitely notice this. At the end of the day when you figure out that you want to buy a domain name that would have cost you less, the free site company ends up charging you twice that amount.

  • Absolutely no support

You have jumped in and you now find out that there’s absolutely no helping hands in the free site kingdom. No connection whatsoever. Free site companies don’t give any support services to users. You are left to swim through the overwhelming process of setting up your site with limited documentation, good luck with that.

  • Extremely slow websites

Using free websites is simply setting yourself up for bad user experience. Most of these companies that offer free sites don’t have the support for it. Running sites costs money and servers are expensive, so they simply lump hundreds of websites on a server which slows down the sites loading to such a snail speed that makes a web page difficult to discover.

  • Lack of website building tools and limited space for your web pages.

In most cases, these companies will not let you install WordPress on your free site because to run WordPress would cost them more and they lack the facility to offer that. Even when you install WordPress on their platform, you’ll meet loads of errors and downtime. Your pages and building tools are limited that to get anything more to improve your experience would need a paid upgrade. At the end of the day, it comes down to the same thing – possibly spending more money than you bargained for.

  • Poor backup support, hacking, and security

Having backup support on free sites is a pipe dream and if something goes wrong with your site per chance, you stand a good chance of losing your entire data because they are unable to restore it. Free website companies are a thriving ground for malware and they are vulnerable to frequent hack attempts due to poor security practice.

  • Locking down your data

People will often say, ‘let me start with the free one, then I’ll upgrade when I make some money.‘ No, you won’t make money on a free site, secondly, you’ll discover that when you do want to migrate your data from a free site to a paid one it becomes tedious because free website companies don’t have the tools to do this easily. At the end of the day, you’ll either end up leaving the data behind or seeking the services of someone with the know-how to manually move your data and the cost is not cheap.

  • You can’t monetize your blog and they place their independent ads on your pages

If it’s part of your dream to earn from your free site, let me give you a pat on your back now and tell you to shelve that thought ’cause it’s not gonna happen. Remember that these companies exist to make money, so you create the content and the company, however, capitalize on it and plant their intrusive advertisements all over your pages. You simply have no control. To get this slice of pie, you’ve got to go get a proper site.

  • They could close shop and that’s it

There are no guarantees on the longevity of some of these companies. Some are one-trick ponies that could decide to simply shut down their servers and pack up their business for a myriad of reasons and because the terms of their modus operandi cover them legally, they are fully protected.

  • No protection of your information which could be sold

Always ask yourself what the catch is. In this case, most of these free website companies collect email addresses and sell them to other marketing companies as a way of making money.

  • Lack of responsive designs and support for mobile devices

Most free website companies don’t offer responsive designs that work on mobiles phones because what they offer are often too old to support the fluidity of mobile devices, thus your dashboard is restricted to desktop which infers that you would not be able to update your site from your phone, neither can mobile phone visitors find you and you must remember that handheld device is part of everyday life today and it drives a reasonable amount of traffic that you would not get.

  • There are no contact forms or branded emails

Your contact form and about page are one of the first things that you put up on a good site. It’s through your contact form that you would most probably receive business requests – if your site is business driven and other requests. Most free sites don’t have a way to add a custom contact form neither can you create an email account name with your domain name if you are interested in doing so.

  • Difficult to get rid of your site and data

Peradventure you decide to cut ties with the free website company, it’s almost impossible to drop your site from their server because they deliberately make it difficult to do so since most times they use the content created by free users to earn money.

  • Limited upload features and poor statistics

Paid hosting buys you the benefit of uploading unlimited files to your site using the media uploader that’s on WordPress, but with free site companies, you only get a web interface that’s slow where you can only upload one file at a time to a restricted amount. On the other hand, you are in no way able to install traffic counters such as google to gain an understanding of your sites stats.

  • You are investing so much of your time for nothing

You are working as hard if not even harder than the paid user and it all amounts to nothing. Blogging takes up a lot of one’s time and as is often said, your time is your money and you have to choose how you invest it wisely.

There are reputable sites that offer free plans, but they are few and far between. If your aim is to build something tenable and serious online, then you should never start with a free site. Without mincing words, it’s a waste of time, it’s unsafe, unreliable, could be a harrowing experience and your growth potentials are seriously hindered.

There are better ways

My recommendation is that you register your domain name and build your site. You won’t wake up tomorrow to find that it has vanished into thin air. There are top-notch hosting companies that offer WordPress open software hosting at a decent cost and they will help you with the support that you need to meet this.

I hope you’ll make a smart business decision today and ditch free hosting because free is not free after all.

If you find this article useful please share it and educate others. I would love to hear from you.

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15 essential checks before launching your site.

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Now you’ve decided to give blogging a try, having a checklist is essential and would help you to prepare for any primary challenges before launching your WordPress site. It makes the arduous and lengthy process of website development less stressful and more productive.

Below is a quick checklist of the important to-do before launching your site.

  • Install your WordPress backup solution. There are plenty of good plugins that you can set up on your site within minutes. WP Engine platform has automatic back-up support feature that ensures your data is kept safe.
  • Secure WordPress Admin area by installing a security system to prevent hacking into your site and use a unique username and password. Don’t stick with the generic username ‘admin,’ that makes it an easy target.
  • Remove all Ipsum text. These are the dummy texts used as page fillers on the site.
  • Proofread your site for grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Check that images, videos, sliders used are properly formatted and functioning.
  • Check that all links are working correctly.
  • Test installed social sharing icons to make sure that they are working properly.
  • Setup Email for your website. Setting up your email up and your subscription forms as soon as possible will help you to start building an email and subscriber list right away. MailChimp plugin offers a simple way to integrate your emails and save your mailing list.
  • Test that all your forms are working as they should: contact forms, subscription forms, comments.
  • Preview your site in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
  • Check for mobile gadget friendliness and responsiveness.
  • Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console.
  • Install Google Analytics. It’s important that you install google analytics before you launch to help you keep track of your performance and to learn how your readers interact with your site. It will also provide information on how your site has grown as time goes on.
  • Check your SEO settings. Search engines are the top traffic generators for most websites and optimizing your site for search engines can help to grow your blog consistently. WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is a comprehensive optimization plugin for WordPress.
  • Check the site for 404 errors through google crawl report and fix them.

Well done! We hope the information provided will be of help to you as you set to launch and if you like this article, please subscribe to join our community.