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Do You Use Polls?

There’s a reason why businesses run periodic polls/surveys because it helps them understand the demographics of their customer base and needs and ultimately helps them make strategic business decisions. Polling could save them from certain vulnerabilities, prevent threats to their business and boost their business immensely. It delivers valued feedback.

You might be wondering what your blog has to do with running a survey or poll if you are not selling any product? To state it succinctly, from the onset, you should think and treat your blog/site as your business even when you are not yet selling any tangible item. You are trading your words for attention/readership of an audience.

You are also showcasing your words perhaps for talent hunters and when you think of it from this perspective, it helps you refocus your thoughts on the significant ideas that could be the building blocks of your blog, it could also help you to know the weak links on your blog. The responses of your readers from a poll could yield many leads to topics to look into or write about. As a matter of fact, this post on polls emanates from a question asked by a reader – so, I’m taking a cue from that, thank you, Idle Muser 🙂

Polls are a great way of interacting with your audience and certainly enhances your blog. It holds the advantage of being inexpensive to run online because and already come with built-in survey features ‘PollDaddy,’ and adding it to your blog is pretty easy.

Polling helps to describe the characteristics of the survey population and the anonymous nature of the survey allows your respondents to offer more candid, unambiguous and valid answers.

To create a poll on

To add a PollDaddy poll to your post or to a page, just click on the Add Poll icon above the editor.

Add Poll

If it’s your first time of using the poll, you’ll be prompted to create or to import an account by Just choose your options and follow the instructions presented to you.

After you’ve created your account, create your new poll and configure it to suit your needs then click save poll button to save your options.

You will see a message appear at the top indicating that the poll has been created. Click on the Embed Poll button to insert the poll into the post or the page that you want.

Poll Created

You can also create a poll to stay on your sidebar if it’s something you want to keep for a lengthier time.

To add a PollDaddy poll to your sidebar you use a Text Widget. Go to Feedbacks then to Polls from your dashboard where you’ll see a list of all the polls you have created. Choose the right poll that you want on your widget then click on the Embed & Link button.

Copy the entire code that appears in the Shortcode field  then paste this code into a new Text Widget for your sidebar from Customise – Appearance – Widgets. You can choose the place where you want your poll to appear by using the reorder button to place it where you want it.

When adding a poll to your sidebar, you may need to change the style to Narrow so that it fits properly. Simply click on PollDaddy styles and choose Narrow from the options, Wide, Medium, and Narrow.

To create a poll on

If you use a you would need to install your poll plugin on your self-hosted site from your back-end.

You could install PollDaddy to get access to the same features or you can choose another plugin that you like.

Here’s a little poll for you

[CP_POLLS id=”3″]

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      Try it and see how it works for you. The response might perplex you a bit now and again, but will give you some food for thought. All the best 🙂

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    Thank you for this post,Jacqueline. I’m still learning my way around the blogosphere and this is very helpful. I’m going to do a poll. Have a great day!

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    I used a poll for the first time a few weeks ago, and was surprised to find it wasn’t at all difficult, and in fact was kind of fun for both me and the readers, so I plan to make use of them periodically in the future. I didn’t realize you could put them on the sidebar, however, so thanks for the tip! 🙂

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