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To Improve, Prepare Yourself For Punishment

A great part of writing and being a writer involves criticism.  A lot of time, we are afraid of having our work scrutinized constructively by others that we pass up opportunities to have them take a carving knife to our revered work.

However, to effectively improve your writing, you have to take certain steps that would certainly cause you to cringe.

If you can afford a professional writer or editor, pay them to look at your work and give you critical feedback without sweetening it. The tougher the criticism, the more helpful for you in the longer run.

The narrow road of the publishing industry is full of rejections and criticisms from publishing houses, editors, agent etc and the sooner your mind opens up to such circumstances the better accustomed you become.

As harsh and painful as this reality might be, if you are serious and want to improve your writing, you’ve got to prepare your mind to know  everything that’s wrong with it and how to handle/correct them. You’ve simply got to own your shortcomings and work on them.

An alternative to having a paid editor/professional writer – when you can’t afford to – is to find Alpha/Beta readers – (no not your mother, please) who will support you by critiquing your work. Check this link for more writers’ tips.

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    I’m trying to get my head around all this publishing stuff. I sent a manuscript off to a publisher and have a contract sitting on my desk waiting for a decision. Problem for me is the $$$$ i need to put in myself to take it to publishing stage 🙁 Did you self-publish ?

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    Yes, yes, yes!! I am frequently incredibly grateful for my experience with getting a creating writing degree because it taught me how to take criticism and rejection in this field. That alone was worth the price of admission for me. You’ve got to have really tough skin, a strong sense of determination, and the ability to listen to advice in this world. It’s easily my number one writing tip: don’t be afraid of criticism and rejection. Embrace it and learn from it and keep moving on.

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      Well said L.S. The ability to listen and embrace criticism is a major aspect of learning in this field and one should never take it as a personal rejection, but as a propeller to move forward. I visited your site and can see you’ve been quite busy publishing. Maybe sometime soon, if it’s okay with you, I can feature you and your works on my sites.

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