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Flower gardens come in various sizes, from the smallest to the large outlay of beautiful blooms that are aesthetically pleasing.

Garden, Photography, Photos, Beautiful Blooms, Lighting, PhotoTips

Your Garden

Knowing that the joys of a garden may well be short-lived, you could capture some of its’ beauty with the power of photography.

This would help you to keep those beautiful blooms and create new ways of seeing, and admiring, your garden over time.

A basic understanding of photography helps you to create fabulous photographs of your garden or the gardens that you come across.

Garden, Photography, Photos, Beautiful Blooms, Lighting, PhotoTips

Things To Note

Alway bear in mind that when photographing gardens, it’s not all about the plants in the garden, but it’s about light.

Essentially, “photog­raphy” means creating with light, and finding the proper light that fits the image you want to create. The right lighting is the key to beautiful, lasting pictures.

Learn to look at your photos from your camera’s point of view. Don’t just focus on what you like, but what’s really being captured in your viewfinder before you click that button.

Are there things that you don’t want in the frame? If so, that’s the time to adjust your angle either by taking a few steps forward, backwards, left or right or by tilting your camera up or down et cetera.

Garden, Photography, Photos, Beautiful Blooms, Lighting, PhotoTips

Lighting and Perspectives

Avoid bright, harsh lights. Most times, bright light is not the best lighting for your garden photos. Direct sunlight creates photos that have harsh contrasts while morning and evening light create softer and better images.

Try taking your photos from different perspectives, don’t centre the image and try to compose your photos with the rule of thirds in mind.

Garden, Photography, Photos, Beautiful Blooms, Lighting, PhotoTips

To join the photography theme challenge for practice, check this link and you can find other photo tips here.

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