How To Manage Multiple Blogs Without Losing Your Mind


As the headline indicates, YES, I’m trying not to lose my marbles whilst juggling my ‘two’ blogs and I wonder how those super bloggers with dozens of blogs do it.

Truth be told, I haven’t published a post on this blog for several weeks and each day I feel a stab of guilt. It’s not that I don’t want to create new posts, but my time has been overtaken by the mundane necessities of life. However, to make a success of this blog, I must take the time to sift through the innumerable excuses, find and patch the loopholes and come up with a workable action plan.

Managing one blog is a time-consuming and tasking job, much less multiple blogs. It takes a special kind of crazy and a method to the craziness to do so. Just why on Earth would anyone choose to get entangled in such madness?

Of course, there are many reasons, such as:

  1. Creating a second blog just for fun.
  2. Creating another blog because the first one didn’t quite pan out as you wanted it to.
  3. Creating a niche focused blog
  4. Sharing your ability in different things.
  5. The need to explore other opportunities.
  6. Building another stream of income
  7. Growing your network in another field
  8. You are a professional blogger contributing or managing sites for your clients…

The reasons abound and as great as each one sounds, such decision comes with responsibilities. When I started my first blog – I had no idea in Dickens what I was getting into. It would be my space to ramble, share my stories, poetry, writing, a general mish-mash of this and that, but as I dipped my toes further into the water it continued to evolve.

I find that asides from my passion for writing and photography, I have a growing interest to share thoughts that will inspire and encourage others to keep pushing their boundaries.

My interest in blogging, writing, photography and seeking practical ways of earning from my creative sides culminated to the birth of this site. If I hadn’t given myself the permission to entertain hosting another blog – with all the reasons why I shouldn’t do so screaming in my brain, I suppose I wouldn’t be doing this.

Many bloggers have been able to build a small business and discover their latent skills from blogging. As hectic as it might get, with the right strategy, one can reap targeted benefits from running multiple blogs by applying simple and effective steps.

1. Decide on a realistic publishing and work schedule.

When starting any project, most of us tend to have a rosy, optimistic view of being able to juggle it all. We set off with gusto till life gets in the way and we become overwhelmed even before we began.

It’s important to take the time to create a plausible work schedule factoring in every other aspect of your life. Remember that your life isn’t going to stop because you are running several blogs.

2. Start slow and steady.

Work your way up instead of taking off with a lot of posts and burning out before gaining any traction. It’s better to create small, but regular updates. However, if all you can publish is a post every other week, the best thing you can do for any blog is to stay consistent and to keep trudging along.

3. Brainstorm your content for the months ahead.

Create a whole list of ideas and organize them all. If possible, prepare and schedule publishing with the Editorial calendar on WordPress. Finding a block time to write and schedule your posts will leave the rest of the month free for other blogging duties like networking.

4. Leave room for adjustment

Juggling multiple projects is tedious and given that one can fall behind, the most important thing to remember at such times is that it’s not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Just pick right back up where you left off. You’re human like everyone else!

5. Choose your tools.

There are no ‘tailor-made one-size-fits-all’ solutions out there, therefore, you have to get creative to manage your creative projects better. What works for someone might not work for you.

Choose and use tools that work for you instead of tools that present a gamut of challenges which would steal more of your productive time.

6. Use ideas lists

Ideas lists abound online. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, research other blogs, Pinterest, forums and social media to trigger your food-for-thought. Use ideas generated to plan your contents. This will certainly cut your pressure and grant you more freedom to write and stay on track.

7. Try the 20 minutes per blog approach

If you are short on time like me, believe me, 20 minutes is a lot of time! There are days that I don’t even have half-an-hour to spare and if you can snatch 20 minutes from somewhere, make quick updates or drafts of 5 minutes or less for each blog. This automatically gives you content that you can flesh out and schedule to publish when it’s ready.

8. Use Guest Posts to fill in the gap. 

Other people can add great value to your blog when permitted to. They will bring a fresh perspective and voice to your blog and this strategy also creates more time for you. Be selective and choose posts that align with the flow of your contents.


Managing multiple blogs is challenging and it sure doubles your workload, but with the right approach, you can have excellent results and the benefits will make it worthwhile.

However, like everything in life, you’ve got to keep yourself in check and strike the right kind of balance.

I am Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha. A freelance writer, author and serial blogger. I am a passionate life enthusiast, a peoples' person who loves to read, write and tell stories. I love the art of photography and how a single image tells many stories. My driving objective is not only to achieve my creative goals and full potentials but to hopefully serve and inspire others who are equally on the same quest as I. Connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from you.


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    Hello! Good to see your post 🙂 I am still trudging slowly with the lack of internet access. I am always admiring those who do blogs and life and keep at their blogs! Some day hope to go from hobby to bix however have to figure out the internet access availability. I try to encourage people like me to at least post something and Meet new people that way, Cheers!

    • Reply

      Honestly, I’m with you in the admiration of those who keep up with their multi blogs and everything else. So sorry to hear about your internet challenges. That can be quite a pain. I believe that consistency is a huge key in succeeding and I hope that we get there some day eventually 🙂

  2. Reply

    Oh Jacqueline my bloggung mum guru, another post written just for me.. when i started i think i did number two and frazzled my self.
    I would love to make money from my blog but i cant figure out how. So i have parked that dream. And i focus on sharing. This is a fab fab post. Love it. I will be re re re reading.. and one day it will all work out

    • Reply

      Ha, ha Bella. I chuckle at the title of blogging mum guru. Thank you for endowing me with such honour. To make money blogging is not as easy as it seems and from my observations, it takes far longer than one anticipates, but we mustn’t give up hope in getting it right one day.

  3. Reply

    I started my second blog because I wanted to try something new. I found it so difficult to maintain both blogs that I eventually took down my first blog. My hat goes off to those who do maintain two or more blogs. 🙂

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