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Publish and Start Earning Immediately

Earning from their creativity is the biggest challenge that most bloggers/creators face.

One of the goals of this platform blog is to seek tested ways that bloggers/writers, creative people can maximize and get the best out of their creativity and a huge part of that is earning some revenue.

It is my belief that asides from personal gratification, an artist/creator should earn from their endeavours and I can’t say this enough. We also have bills to pay like every other person.

In my quest to keep sourcing for ways of building income streams from my passion, I came across

I started using it to test and see. Based on my experience so far, I can say that Niume is a site that shares its’ revenue with its’ users.

Therefore, I would like to share with my readers’. You can promote your blog, publish your articles as well as earn from Niume.

The beauty of getting on Niume is that you don’t have to start creating new articles to publish if you already have articles that originally belong to you on your blog. You could re-purpose them and publish them right away.

It offers an opportunity for more exposure and as well as an opportunity to earn.

Here’s how it works:

Revenue streams

  • From Posts

On Niume you generate revenue based on the number of views on your posts.

Niume now pays a $1 RPM (revenues per mille) for the views on your posts.

Once the amount that you have generated plus the amount you earned through referrals reaches at least $10 dollars you will unlock your revenues and paid directly to your Paypal account.

  • From Referrals

They urge you to spread the love and gain some reward.

When a new creator that registered to the site through your personal referral link creates his/her first post you will both receive $1.

In order to count for referral, the post created must meet Niume’s content guidelines and not be removed by moderators.

Here are the categories that you can publish in and I bet you’ll be able to find stuff that fit in.Income through creativity. Publish, Earn, blog, promote, revenue streams, Niume













It’s really that simple. Log in through my referral link, thank you very much, register your blog, publish and you simply watch your dashboard tell you how much you’ve earned each time.

I would love to hear from you when you try it out. Share your experience with us and do remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained.


It’s only fair to share.

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I am Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha. A freelance writer, author and serial blogger. I am a passionate life enthusiast, a peoples' person who loves to read, write and tell stories. I love the art of photography and how a single image tells many stories. My driving objective is not only to achieve my creative goals and full potentials but to hopefully serve and inspire others who are equally on the same quest as I. Connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Reply

    Hi Jackie,
    I would like to monetize my blog too, within limits of course.
    Thanks for directing me to the Niume site.
    I tried to create an account but the system didn’t let me.
    I will try again later.
    Thanks again,
    How is your trip to Lagos going ?

    • Reply

      Hi Sammy, it’s a pleasure to do so. To open a PayPal account is not difficult. I don’t know what other payment method that they have. What you need for your PayPal is an email address, and a mailing address (U.S.) preferably. Here’s the link to PayPal I hope it helps and that you are able to get on board. When you do please use my Niume referral link. Thanks. You can copy the PayPal link into your browser.

  2. Reply

    Hi Jacqueline, I found you through Nutsrok and must thank you for generously sharing the link with us. Akin to the proverbial ‘starving artist,’ writers hope and pray for some remuneration and more importantly, for recognition for their intellectual property.
    Thank you again and I will certainly check the link and get back to you should I succeed.

    • Reply

      Hello Wendy,

      I am glad that you found this. I hope it’s useful. Every little bit counts in the long run and I know how hard writers work to get remunerated. I will willingly share anything I find out there that might be useful. Thank you for stopping by and my regards.


    • Reply

      Just great Mick.
      Do share lots of your lovely photos is photography and all those your humourous stories in Literature.

      I would advise that you share the photos one content at a time, so that you can create as much content as possible and gain more mileage.
      As time goes on, also introduce it to your readers. The payment threshold is $10 and with every sign up you get you earn a $1.
      All the best with it.

      • Reply

        Thanks, Jacqueline. Yes, I’d thought about the ‘one at a time’ approach, which seems very sensible. The first post was one with plenty of photos, in the hope it might make a big splash to start with! I’ll make them a bit smaller from now on, though.

        Thanks again!

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