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What’s Your Reaction To Losing Subscribers?

Are you one of those who spends days in angst wondering why a subscriber unsubscribed or do you shrug, smile and move on?

One of the common challenges that bloggers face is losing subscribers.  Naturally, our goal is to gain subscribers, to keep them, and not to lose them and when we do lose subscribers we may feel inclined to know why.

I remember my earlier days of blogging when it seemed as though my eyes were permanently glued to the subscription stats and watching it go up and down was not the better part of how I spent my days. I learned that my focus is better spent on developing my blogging skills, networking to the best of my ability and worrying less about every Harry and Jane that left the scene.

I will categorically tell you that you shouldn’t over think subscribers choosing to stop receiving your updates or following you because worrying over it is not worth the sweat. Instead, concentrate on gaining new readers/subscribers who would stick with your random blather.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry

  • Note that each time you send out an email update, you would likely have some people who choose to unsubscribe. This an unavoidable part of the process. Even the most fantastic bloggers out there experience drops in their subscription.
  • Remember that people choose to sign up for any number of reasons and as time goes on, as their interests change so does their subscription.
  • There’s also the high possibility that those unsubscribers are passersby who are truly not your ideal audience and they are likely not going to develop better interactions with you.
  • Unsubscribers serve to help you understand your audience better if you choose to explore the reasons why they quit your platform.
  • Just for the fact that someone chose to unsubscribe does not mean that you will have no future interaction with them or that they are not visiting your site now and again.
  • They may follow you on other social media platforms because that particular medium works better for them and who knows as time goes on they may end up subscribing to your updates once again.

In the online world, subscription is not a fixed term – as a matter of humour, it’s not a marriage or divorce and some couples have been known to separate, divorce and passionately come back together 😉

So, when a subscriber leaves in search of blogs more suited to their interest, focus on writing for the readers who wish to stay connected on your blog because these are the ones that help to drive the growth of your blog.

This is my opinion about subscribers and opting out, what’s yours? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Next time, we’ll talk about the approaches that you could start to regain subscribers. For more blog tips, check here.

I am Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha. A freelance writer, author and serial blogger. I am a passionate life enthusiast, a peoples' person who loves to read, write and tell stories. I love the art of photography and how a single image tells many stories. My driving objective is not only to achieve my creative goals and full potentials but to hopefully serve and inspire others who are equally on the same quest as I. Connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from you.


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    Happy Monday, Jacqueline! All good points to remember. For me, I have no idea who drops out of subscribing. I can’t even find out who all follows. Is there a place on the dashboard that tells that? 🙂

    • Reply

      Oh, I just saw your comment, Barbara. On this platform I use a plugin that helps me check for subscribers and all that. On the WordPress managed platform you simply check your stats and at the right side of your stats you see the button for followers, though on that one, I haven’t been able to determine those who unfollow – the truth is that I haven’t bothered to do so. Have a great week 🙂

  2. Reply

    Jacqueline, I know when I unsubscribe it is because of lack of interest in the blog, lack of reciprocation of interest in my efforts, and being overwhelmed by the number of posts coming to my mailbox.

    • Reply

      The number of posts coming in each day is beyond overwhelming, to say the least. I can barely keep up and when a blog is not holding my interest, I simply move on. There’s just so much to be done.

  3. Reply

    Jacqueline you ate so brilliant, two blogs, a youtube channel a book and another in the making. Man, you can write and it is always great work.. seriously you are a super writing machine.

    I love your blogging tips and social media tips they are so spot on and reasonate with me.

    Regards bella

  4. Reply

    I do read your blogs every time you post but your youtube, I have watched only one( shame on me). I have been rather busy with my own life and children and family( no excuses at all). But believe me, I am here and wanted to write to you and inspire you but my hands would not just get on the keyboard. The mind is willing but the body does not comply.
    I love your writing.
    If I unsubscribe a blog, it is usually because I read something from them that does not positively inspire me, they give me a bad taste in my mouth or their political beliefs and their ranting about politics makes me feel an outsider.

    • Reply

      I totally share your thoughts, Susie. My life has been a merry-go-round of busy(ness) and I understand. I also avoid blogs that simply arouse all the negative vibes. Life is hard enough without all that.

  5. Reply

    Hello Jacqueline 🙂 Wow, you have a second blog site – I love it! Great advice for people, especially beginner-bloggers. As I only have a small (but amazing nonetheless!!) group of followers, I do often notice if my numbers go down. Initially it upset me, but then I realized that I had also unsubscribed to some blogs. My reasons weren’t because I thought they were bad writers or that they weren’t good at what they did. My reasons are generally, if I get too many email alerts, and also if I later realize that I don’t have much interest or understanding of the subject being written about.
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Carly,
      Just saw your comment. Yes, I have this second blog that’s dedicated to writing, blogging, photography and public speaking. I remember when I started blogging and how I used to wonder why someone unsubscribed. After a while (in as much as subscribers are absolutely important) it became less of an issue. My concentration has been to create a great atmosphere and better connection with those who choose to stay 🙂

  6. Reply

    Excellent points! I have reached the point where I write to make people feel good or inspired, or helped. But I still like to see that someone is reading my blog. I look forward to your next post on this. Thanks!

    • Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to read this Joy. My main purpose now is to write and inspire others, just like you mentioned. That makes the effort worthwhile.

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