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Shooting Tricky City Scenes, Photography Theme, Digital Photography, Camera, Clouds, Photographers, Add People

Adding people to your street shot

Taking street photos is a bit tricky because busy streets are hardly devoid of people going about their business. You need to shoot your images without getting into people’s personal space or being too intrusive.

Then again, people make photos more interesting so applying a little trick would allow you to add people in your images.

When we take photos of non-human subjects, the tendency is to look at our LCD screen to see the immediate result of our shots, however, when taking photos of people in the streets looking at your screen immediately after your shot is not what you should do.

Take the shots you need but don’t move the camera immediately away from your eye. Keep your camera focused on the background around them so that even when they glance in your direction,  it appears as though your focus is more engrossed in the background than on them.

Remember that people are leery of photographers. That’s why you need to be discreet and not in their face except where you have express consent to photograph them – you could always ask when you need a specific shot.

Another way to add people to your composition is to start by aiming your camera above, below or to their sides. Take a shot or two of an image next to them and at the last moment, you move the camera so that they added to the scene.

Shooting Tricky City Scenes, Photography Theme, Digital Photography, Camera, Clouds, Photographers, Add People


I couldn’t resist sneaking in two different images for the letter ‘C’ part of the photography theme challenge.

Taking photo shots of clouds is always a pleasure. Though clouds may seem pretty mundane because they are commonplace – up there in the sky where all you have to do is to look up and see them, their value is not diminished.

They have a lot of character. They are constantly changing in form and place and always fascinating to watch.

To join the photography theme challenge for practice, check this link and you can find other photo tips here.


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