Photography Theme Challenge: Bare Feet Monochrome

Photography Theme Challenge, Digital Camera, Camera Settings, Monochrome, Bare Feet, SCN Mode


Bare Feet

For the B part of the photography theme challenge, I chose to shoot bare feet.

As mundane as feet may be and possibly overlooked since we see them every second and minute of the day, they make beautiful subject to photograph because no two feet are the same and a mundane object can be made interesting with specific camera settings.

Every pair of feet tells a story about its’ owner. An excerpt of a previous post of mine below:

Feet! Normal human features that we see every day.

Yet, the feet are the beautiful piece of artwork from the Master craftsman Himself.

They take us on our lifetimes journey’s literally and physically

As we leave our imprints all over the sands of time in pursuance of our dreams.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Camera Settings

The image is in a monochrome setting under the SCN mode. Monochrome setting converts the image directly to black and white.

Photography Theme Challenge, Digital Camera, Camera Settings, Monochrome, Bare Feet, SCN Mode

The SCN mode stands for the scene or special mode. To get to your monochrome setting, on the dial button of your digital camera, turn the button to SCN. When you choose this mode, you can change the settings by highlighting an option with the multi-controller and pressing set.

Photography Theme Challenge, Digital Camera, Camera Settings, Monochrome, Bare Feet, SCN Mode

Mode Dial

The first setting you see in the scene mood would say Standard setting that Canon calls the ambience setting. The second setting which you can change in some of the modes says Default setting. It gives you a list of natural colors under specific types of lighting to choose from.

If you are a new/amateur photographer, the SCN modes help you to grow familiar with the settings and the feel of your camera.  With practice you gain more control, become more adventurous with your creativity and explore other modes and settings in the Creative Zone.

Keep shooting.

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Tips To Improve Your Photography

Improve photography Study best images, photography tips, Create great images, Ask Questions, Photography components

Study and emulate the best photographers

Take time to study the best photographs taken by photographers in your field. As simple as it sounds, looking at other people’s work, finding out what it is about it appeals to you, and how it was done, what you don’t like about it and how to avoid that leads to improvement in your own photographing sessions.

A great photo will capture your interest and make you think. Have these pointing thoughts at the back of your mind:

  • What is it about the image that appeals to you. Is it the subject taken, the light, the angle, the composition etc Understanding the elements that work in a great photo helps you think of how to include them in your own photos.
  • What time of the day was the photo taken? Does the light make a difference? What direction does the light come from – back, front or side? Try to shoot during that time frame and see how it turns out.

If possible, dash off a quick question to the image creator and ask pertinent questions that you might have. A lot of times, people like to help and teach.

Enjoy the learning process but don’t forget to go out and create your own fantastic images. Check this link for more tips on photography.
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