A-Z Photography Theme Challenge

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Photography Themes

Using photography themes is a great and fun way to develop your skills and organize your photos.

Why should you take part in a challenge? Sometimes we tend to run out of ideas. Secondly, after living in a place for a while, we develop a mental block and a taken for granted attitude that overlooks possible objects of creativity around us.

We need not look far to turn ordinariness into great images because there are ALWAYS something worth capturing. This A-Z photo challenge will get your creative juices flowing.

There are no hard and fast rules to take part. You can take photos with whatever gadget you have. Simply show your interest in the comments and add the pingback to your shoots so that others can check it out as well.

I will collate all the participants URL and share at the end of the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing your great images. Have fun.

Quick D.I.Y on Adding a Pingback

Simply right-click on the URL you want to copy and share

Click on ‘copy link address’

On your editor, click on the link icon circled in red below

Insert the copied link into the box for URL and the proper text that you want the link to read.

Be sure to click on ‘open link in a new tab’ so that the reader can reach the page without exiting your site.

A-Z List

A. Abstracts, Apple

B. Bare feet, Bicycle

C. Clouds, city scenes,

D. Decorations, Dogs

E. Eggs, Environment

F. Feline, Flowers

G. Gardens, Gold

H. Hands, History

I. Ice, Isolated objects

J. Jewelry, Junk

K. Keys, Kids

L. Light, Learning

M. Macro, monument

N. Night, Nonsense

O. Odd things, orange

P. Pattern, Peppers

Q. Queer, Quick

R. Red, Reflections

S. Signs, Silhouettes

T. Tattoos, Transport

U. Umbrella, Utensils

V. Vacation, Vignette

W. Waterfall, Window

X. Find images with an X in them

Y. Yellow, Yacht

Z. Zipper, Zoo