Podcasts – The Power of The Spoken Word

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Talking About Podcast

Podcasting is the next hot thing. Now and again a new medium catches on and you are left wondering what all the hype and buzz is about. I remember when I first heard the term ‘podcast,’ I was still trying to grasp the slippery ropes of blogging and I felt inundated with all the new geeky jargon out there, however, as I delved into knowing why this is becoming a popular media my interest latched on the idea of having free original content to listen to, that anyone who has something to say could create an engaging podcast, publish it to the world and find an audience.

Let’s take it from the top. In a layman’s terms, a podcast is a form of audio digital broadcasting made available on the internet that usually comes in episodes and could be downloaded from the website to media player (MP3, iPod) or computer.

The word podcast is derived from broadcast and iPod and you have to subscribe to podcasts the same way that you subscribe to a blog, but the difference is that you only receive podcasts that you’ve subscribed to, which you can’t say for all those spam emails.

What sparks my interest most, is the fact that this is another medium that offers one a powerful tool to share their creativity, their voice, and thoughts without the discomfort that some people feel when they are creating a video and having to worry about perfect lighting, blah, blah, etc.

The cost to start podcasting is not prohibitive and it’s free from corporate radio broadcasting regulations, hence there are thousands of podcasts on diverse topics created by everyday people like you and me.

Like I said in an earlier post, part of treating your blog like a business is to consistently search out practical ways to promote your business, to grow your audience and to make money from your creativity. Opportunities mustn’t be passed up over the mere fact that one doesn’t know or understand a new process.

Taking a little time to understand and doing some research always yields great dividends. I am the first to confess that I fall into the group of people who are tech-challenged, but one of the things that I’ve realized is that once I start trying to figure it out, I hold on with tenacity and I get it done, slowly but surely.

With my growing interest in podcasting, it’s something that I am willing to dive into – even though I must confess that I’m a bit nervous about it, there are several reasons that would make it worthwhile in the long run.

Reasons to Create Your Own Podcast

  • I love speaking and engaging with people and for those who are like me, the thought of having your own talk show or series, where you could share your thoughts, opinions, promote your brand and grow your business by interacting with others is a no-brainer. I genuinely believe that it would be fun, an interesting and rewarding journey.
  • There’s no need to acquire expensive gear to start. Podcasting is an inexpensive and convenient way of reaching your audience. One can easily start with the simple gear that they probably have already; a computer, a microphone (most computers come with a built-in microphone) and a broadband internet connection. Besides, you could upgrade your gear as you go on and find out that you enjoy podcasting.
  • Growing your audience. By creating the right kind of content you could gain easy listeners and subscribers quickly. Your potential audience is huge. Think of how far and wide the tentacles of the internet stretches, that’s how much room for growth that you could get. Podcast markets to a focused audience who have chosen to listen to you so you’ve got to keep the message effective and engaging for your subscribers.
  • You are in absolute control of the content that you want to share, the length of your talk show and how often you create your podcast – maybe weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. Your podcast could be done in the comfort of your own four walls. All you need is your imagination. You are not limited by any bureaucratic red tapes, but you must not plagiarize or use other people’s work without obtaining their permission.
  • It creates a personal touch of humanness. Your voice would connect with your audience far easier than your written words. The connection created from listening to the speaker paints a better picture of his/her personality. Your audience gets to know more of you and like any good relationship, you will gain a dedicated customer base.
  • Gaining recognition in your niche. Let your passion drive your vision. This is a clear-cut opportunity to share those aspects of your hobby or your business that others would relate to. Is it part of your vision to gain credibility as an informed personality in your chosen field? Podcasting is an amazing technology that would only take you higher.
  • Making money from podcasting. Valuable information is priceless and people pay to get such information. If the information that you offer improves the life of your listener/s in some way or makes his productivity better, based on your information, they would value your opinion and would be far more willing to buy recommended services or products that you market as an affiliate. On the other hand, if your podcasts become popular, you could find advertisers and sponsors who are ready to foot your bills to reach a target audience.

In Summary

There’s power in the spoken word and your word could reach a greater audience and add value to their lives through podcasting. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to gain a focused and loyal audience, to grow your brand and credibility and to earn some income. When nothing attempted, ultimately, nothing would be achieved. Make your voice count with your words.

Now wish me luck, as I venture into the land of talking. Let’s meet again soon when I share my first attempt at podcasting and how to set it up.

I would love to hear from you. Do you have a podcast? What are your thoughts, tips, and recommendations?

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