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Make your Gravatar a calling card

No, not everyone knows this because we do have a lot of beginner bloggers popping up every day in our midst and they do value such information as they try to find their footing in the blogosphere and if you look to the right at the Gravatar images below, there are a some that have the WordPress default image on them.

Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar. It’s that little box where you add your photo or the icon that your website is recognized with and it follows you from one site to the other when you comment on people’s blogs.Gravatar, Websites, Connection, Logo, Networking, Get Noticed,

Your Gravatar gives you an identity across the humongous world-wide-web and it makes your comment stand out as against an empty one with the default WordPress Gravatar. Your Gravatar also serves as your calling card especially when you link it up properly to your website. I can’t recall how many times I tried to follow a comment back to their site only to hit a dead-end because their link is not connected.

It’s free and it’s simple to add to your site because most WordPress themes come with Gravatar integration. When you use your Gravatar, others would be able to find you interacting on various sites and believe me, there’s nothing as interesting as a reader who gets to network with others. Chances are that you would also gain interested visitors who would also wish to connect with you.

People like to recognize those whom they interact with and the short and simple of it is that your Gravatar gets you noticed.

How to add your Gravatar profile

Gravatar, Websites, Connection, Logo, Networking, Get Noticed,

You can easily add or update your profile, by simply going to your profiles settings page, or if you are finding it difficult to find, click on the Gravatar box in the upper right corner of your blog. When it opens up, scroll down to the column ‘About me,’ and right a short synopsis of you or your blog. Remember that all information that you generate is accessible by the public, so make sure that you only add information that you are comfortable sharing with all and sundry, even if your blog settings is private settings.

You can add or update your Profile Photo by moving your mouse over the space for profile photos at the left corner of your profile page, the click on Update Profile Photo. Voila! Just add something that pleases you.

Your Profile Links allow you to manage the sites that appear on your profile and to manage your existing links or to add a new one simply scroll down to Profile Settings at the bottom of the page and choose the option that you would like to use to add a site.

If you choose ‘Add a WordPress site,’ check the sites that pop up under your name that you want to include then click Add Sites and if you choose ‘Add Other Site,’ then enter the new site’s URL and description then click Add Site.

To remove a Profile Link is equally simple by clicking the X button at the right of the site that you would like to remove.

For sites, depending on the theme that you are using, your Gravatar profile comes built-in or you may need to add a Gravatar Plugin at your back-end. I would easily recommend Jet Pack.

Brilliant! Now that you’ve set up your profile, leave a comment or a simple smile on a post and you’ll see that your Gravatar appears next to your Blog’s name or Your Public Display name.

If anyone hovers over your Gravatar a hover card with your profile information will pop up and they can visit your blog easily as long as you Added the relevant URLs ‘ of your site.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you see your engaging and shiny face in here. If you find this post useful, please feel free to comment and share. Thank you  🙂

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