Photo Theme – Tips for Shooting the dogs.

Photo Theme, Tips shooting dogs, photo tips, camera settings, flash use, natural lighting


No, I didn’t shoot a dog! I meant capturing their photos 😉

Photographs for letter D was not an easy choice to make, so I went with both suggestions ‘dogs and decorations.’

I love both prompts because dogs are just beautiful, intelligent pets that bring comfort and delight to their owners.

The photo theme challenge is not only for practice but to help you build a library of your own images that could be used for your blog posts, for submission to photo sites, for sale et cetera.

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Tips for taking pet photos

Taking photos of pets can sometimes be difficult because they tend not to stay still for several minutes, but with your camera settings in mind and a couple of tricks, you could capture wonderful snapshots worth thumping your chest over.

  1. Make them the center of attraction. You could make a strange sound to draw their attention to you and be ready to take the photo once you’ve got that attention.
  2. Photograph them doing their thing naturally. When you don’t have time to stage a scene, keep your camera handy and wait for your pet to express its quirky sides. You’ll find lots of moments to capture.
  3. Avoid pointing your flash directly at your subject. It gives them the creepy red-eye. If you must use a flash, use a flash diffuser that would make sure you have more natural lighting in your photos.
  4. Explore different perspectives: from the human height, getting down to their level or on the floor, or standing up high and shooting from straight down.
  5. Use your fast shutter speed settings. Knowing that your pet would move before you can whistle Jimmy – their priority is not to sit still for a photo shoot – set your camera to shutter priority and the dial in the fastest speed possible. You could also try your action mode. Increasing your ISO would guarantee a better image no matter what your Fido decides to do at that time.


Photo Theme, Tips shooting dogs, photo tips, camera settings, flash use, natural lighting

I snuck in a celebration photo. There’s something about party decorations that just make you feel happy.

It’s the insinuation of good times and memories. So, I guess both go well together.

As against pets, balloons stay in a place, except when they are waving in the wind.

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