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I, You, We All Love Ice-Cream

I am yet to meet anyone who didn’t enjoy this sweetened frozen confection taken as snack or dessert. I love ice-cream and literally have to hold myself in check from indulging far too much.

Ice-Cream, Food Photography, 10 Fun Facts Ice-Cream, Digital Photography, Taking Great Photos Ice-Cream

Some of my fondest childhood memories center around the occasional treat of the frosty delight from an ice-cream truck at Polo park so, between looking for an object to isolate and indulging in a scoop or two of ice-cream as part of photo research for the letter ‘I,’ choosing ice-cream was no hardship.

 10 Fun Facts about ice-cream

  • Ice was made from ice before milk based ice creams started in the 10th century.
  • The industrial production of ice cream started in 1851 in Boston, United States.
  • The World’s largest consumption of ice cream is in the United States. Statistics show that on average one person consumes 48 pints of ice cream per year.
  • The most popular flavor of ice cream is vanilla. After that come chocolate, strawberry, cookies n’ cream, etc.
  • One of the most unusual ice cream flavors is hot dog flavored ice-cream made in Arizona, US.
  • One dairy cow can produce enough milk for 9,000 gallons of ice cream in her lifetime!
  • Most profitable day for ice cream sellers is almost always on Sunday.
  • It takes 50 licks to finish one cone of ice cream.
  • One cup of vanilla ice-cream has 273 calories.
  • Ice cream comes in many varieties: plain vanilla ice-cream, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, reduced-fat ice cream, sherbet, gelato, and much more.

Ice-Cream, Food Photography, 10 Fun Facts Ice-Cream, Digital Photography, Taking Great Photos Ice-Cream

Tips for Photographing Ice Cream

I learned through several scoops and efforts that though photographing ice-creams may seem simple, in reality, ice-creams are not easy subjects to photograph. If you are not fast enough, it melts into a puddle and without proper preparation, your composition will not turn out as you want it to.

Prepare in advance. That scoop of ice cream won’t wait for you before it melts away and except your target is to take snapshots of puddles of melted sweetness prepare your equipment – camera, tripod (if needed) lenses etc – ahead of time when the ice-cream still looks great.

  • Adjust the camera to the settings you need and once you are ready, grab your ice cream, place it in the place that you want and take as many shots as you can for some minutes.


  • Always check your lighting ahead of time. Aim for adequate natural lighting as much as possible. Too little light will make your ice cream seem insipid, while flashes can create harshness and shadows to the texture of the ice cream. If you are not using natural light, set the white balance setting on your camera otherwise the ice cream can take on yellow or blue hues. The automatic light balance rarely gets it the way you want it.


  • Check your background. Some backgrounds work well with food photography such as wood texture which evokes homeliness. A white background allows the food to stand out without crowding it and it also provides a lot of background light that shows off the food better. A garden backdrop creates a sense of relaxation and contentment while a dark background is also perfect because it allows you to focus on the ice-cream without detracting from it.


  • You could try the trick of putting your display bowl in the freezer for at least half an hour before the shoot if you are in a convenient place to do so. This way the bowl for the ice-cream would stay cold for a while and keep the ice cream cold. This would give you extra time to make necessary adjustments before it begins to melt.


  • For freestyle photos on the go, have your camera ready for those blissful moments of people and their ice-creams and do remember to ask politely before pointing your camera in people’s faces.


  • Take a lot of photos from different angles within the few minutes that you have. This way you will end up with images that are worth your effort.

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