Jewelry Focus – Photo Theme


For letter J of the photo theme challenge, I chose jewels for obvious reasons – I love jewelry.

Adorning ourselves with jewelry and gemstones have been a part of humanity since before history was written.

The ancient people wore jewelry made of feathers, bones, shells, clay, stones, plants and other materials available to them, unlike what we have in stores today.

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We wear them as objects of fashion statement, identity, functionality,  caring for our bodies, religious reasons, status symbol, showing commitment etc.

In some places such as India, they’ve managed to develop such a connection to jewelry that it is a part of their daily life and religion.

photo theme, photography, jewelry, focus


We all love the Bling and I believe the beauty in wearing jewelry is in the simplicity of its usage. Maintaining that balance of wearing just enough and not so much at the same time.


photo theme, photography, jewelry, focus


Jewelry needs not be expensive to catch ones’ eye. They could be cheap and cheerful and pleasing all the same.


photo theme, photography, jewelry, focus


After over a hundred thousand years of using jewels and decorative items and more than six thousand years of metallurgy and gem processing, we can say with certainty that jewels – in whatever form they come in – will always be a part of people and civilization.

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The Daily Post – Focus

Egg, You’re On! Make everyday objects interesting.

Egg You’re On

Photo theme for letter E offered Egg and Environment. The environment would have probably been an easier subject to shoot. It’s a big, wide world out there, but I chose to go a different route and explore the Egg.

I like the idea of finding everyday objects, something simple and ordinary and playing around with it to turn it into an interesting subject.

I grabbed an egg out of the crate, placed it on the floor near the window where light streamed in.

Photo Theme, Shooting an Egg

Make everyday objects interesting.

It was a bit challenging to balance on the smooth floor due to lack of friction, then I balanced it in between the floor tiles that offered a gap to hold the egg, and there you go.

Several shots from various angles later, I settled for this one which I took in a close-up and monochrome.

Well, after all the shooting of the eggy images a natural wish for some omelets gave way and the natural progression of followed.

Photo Theme, Make Everyday Objects interesting, Egg, Digital Photography.

It’s Easter in a couple of weeks. Do create fun ways of playing with the eggs.

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