Now is The Time To Make That Move

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WP Engine Hosting

Are considering hosting a new site or upgrading from a free site to a self-hosted platform?

This is the time to make that move!

There’s an exciting offer that gives you the opportunity to launch a new site or to migrate your old site to a solid platform.

How would you like to have 5 months free + 2 extra months on your hosting? I love freebies 😉

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In this post, I enumerated several reasons why I recommend using WP Engine to host your site.

Yes, I use them as well. I’m a satisfied customer and I’m highlighting them based on my opinion and experience.

Let’s highlight some points:

  • WP Engine is smoking FAST. My website is both stable & loads quickly.

If an issue does arise with a site, WP Engine is open and honest about the issue and doesn’t try to hide it.

  • AWESOME support.

Their support team is extremely helpful.

I have had several instances where I’ve asked them a question and a member of their support team got back to me within minutes.

He practically held my hands in an online chat and walked me through the process that I was trying out.

  • Proactive and top-notch security.
  • It comes with great tools and built-in plugins for WordPress.
  • WP Engine is VIP hosting!

Hassle free, robust servers, hacker proof, automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, one-click staging area, and so much more.

Using WP Engine is like having an army of WordPress experts working to make your site efficient.

  • Their affiliate program is absolutely interesting and rewarding.

Your earning is far more than what is obtainable out there. That alone is enough to make me want to lead others there.

Getting a small referral fee makes it even better.

I was so tickled with delight when I made my first sale and earned $200 outright which actually meant that I earned back what I spent to host my site for a year.

Earn up to $7500 for one sale!

I could go on with the list, instead, let me add a few links to other testimonials here , here and here.

I will say it again, WP Engine is the hosting solution for you.

Check this link and get 5 months free using coupon code cyberwknd.

This offer is a 5-months free on any annual subscription! The coupon applies in addition to the standard 2 months free discount when customers select an annual plan.

The coupon applies in addition to the standard 2 months free discount when customers select an annual plan.

Take that step today. Give yourself an early Christmas present that will pay you 😉

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